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Measuring transducers for process parameters

parameterizable using USB

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Measuring transducers for process parameters parameterizable using USB

The measuring transducer TSM-MU is used for the transformation and isolation of measurements at thermocouples, resistance thermometers, resistors, potentiometers and voltage measurement (e.g. shunt). In case of measurements at resistors (e.g. Pt100), the connection (2-, 3- or 4-wire connection) is automatically recognized when starting the instrument. Via an USB interface, the measuring transducer may be parameterized. The corresponding software may be downloaded under

The voltage values measured at the inputs are linearized and transformed into an impressed direct current and in an impressed direct voltage. When making measurements at a thermocouple, the cold junction compensation is done by an internal, external or constanct temperature measurement. The galvanic isolation is realized using an optocoupler. An auxiliary voltage is required. Both outputs are no-load proof and short-circuit proof. Connecting the two outputs is not permissible.

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