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IeffT-MU / UeffT-MU

Measuring transducer for current and voltage (True RMS)


Measuring transducer for current and voltage (True RMS) for installations up to 1000 V (CAT III)

The measuring transducers IeffT-MU and UeffT-MU are used for the transformation and isolation of a current or a voltage into an impressed direct current and direct voltage signal. An integrated limit monitoring serves for monitoring the input signal.

The measurand is transmitted to the rms rectifier via an input protective circuit. Crest factors (ratio between peak value and rms value) up to a value of 4 may be processed without problems. The direct voltage thus generated is galvanically isolated from the output by an optocoupler. A downstream amplifier effectuates the direct current and direct voltage impression. Both outputs are no-load proof and short-circuit proof. Connecting the two outputs is not permissible. The limit value may be adjusted within a range of 0-120 % of the input signal. Exceeding the limit value is indicated by an LED. An auxiliary voltage is required.

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