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Shunt resistors

Shunt resistors from Müller + Ziegler: reliable and versatile!

Shunt resistors can be used in a variety of ways. They are used both to exted the measuring range of moving-coil measuring devices and to provide a current-dependent voltage drop, which can be important, for example, in the electronic processing of direct current in energy management or in measurement technology.
Since the voltage drop is proportional to the prevailing current strength, this can be measured in this way. Shunt resistors can also be referred to as current sense resistors of shunts.

Müller + Ziegler: Highest quality for precise measurements

As a company with over 100 years of experience in the field of measurement technology, you can rely on the quality and reliability of our shunts and other products in our wide range. Müller + Ziegler shunts have an accuracy of 0.5% based on the nominal value. If you need models with an even higher level of accuracy, you can of course also get special designs from us that achieve an increased level of accuracy of 0.2% or 0.1%. Request a non-binding product catalog today and see our large selection of high-quality electrical measuring devices for yourself. With products made in Germany, we are able to manufacture particularly reliable and robust shunts according to your requirements. Find out more about our corporate philosophy and long-standing tradition on our website.

Reliable custom-made shunt resistors

As a renowned company in the field of measurement technology, we always strive for the satisfaction of our customers. In addition to our selection of custom-made products, we also offer you the option of manufacturing shunts according to your drawing. This gives you shunts that are specially tailored to your individual installation requirements. Our on-site production enables us to fulfill almost all customer requirements. Our custom-made products include, for example, shunts with a matching of the lead resistances or with a different nominal current or voltage drop.

In addition, you will find shunts that are especially suitable for DIN rail mounting or screw mounting in measurement technology. Our shunts up to 25 amps are always mounted on insulating bases. We also have various measuring devices for top-hat rails that go with these shunts, such as moving-coil measuring devices for top-hat rail mounting. The potential screws of the shunts have an M5 thread. In addition, both the connecting copper and the resistance material, which is manganin, are hard-soldered with silver solder. Manganin has a low temperature coefficient of electrical resistivity as well as a small thermoelectric voltage versus copper. Our shunts are therefore particularly robust and you can rely on their reliability and longevity for use in your company.

All models are class 0.5 shunts according to DIN EN 60 051 and dimensions according to DIN 43 703. If you have special installation requirements, please contact us at any time. Our competent employees strive to deliver custom-made products of the best quality. This is what we stand for with our name, because at Müller + Ziegler the individual wishes of our customers have priority. Thanks to the high quality of our products, you as a customer are on the safe side. Therefore, when purchasing new shunts for your company, rely on the manufacturer of electrical measuring devices you trust – Müller + Ziegler.

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