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Bimetal panel meters

Alternating current with slave pointer (maximum current ammeter)


Bimetal measuring devices are used to monitor the load conditions of electrical supply systems. Due to their thermal inertia, a display results that corresponds to the effective mean value of the current. A slave pointer is used to display the maximum. The maximum indicator (slave pointer) can be reset to the measuring mechanism pointer using the reset button. In another version, bimetal measuring mechanisms are combined with moving iron measuring mechanisms (class 1.5) in one housing. This means that the maximum value, mean value and instantaneous value of the current can be displayed simultaneously on one scale.
The setting time of the drag pointer can be selected between 8 and 15 minutes (standard 15 minutes).

Function / Design
The bimetallic measuring mechanisms are robustly constructed with spring-loaded bearings. The bimetallic measuring devices are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 60051 and the other applicable VDE and DIN regulations. The accuracy is 3% in relation to the full scale value and starts at approx. 15% of the full scale value. The devices can be permanently overloaded by a factor of 1.2; Ammeters can be temporarily overloaded up to 50 times. For the rest, DIN EN 60051 applies.
The internal consumption of bimetallic measuring mechanisms is 1.9 VA at 5 A and 0.9 VA at 1 A; combined with moving iron measuring mechanism 2.5 VA at 5 A or 1.5 VA at 1 A.

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