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DQX-250 Standard signals

Moving-coil panel meter

Direct current and direct voltage for standard signals 240°

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Moving-coil measuring instruments (240°) are used to measure direct current and direct voltage. Shunts, series resistors, voltage dividers and measuring transducers are used to extend the measuring range. The internal consumption of the moving-coil measuring instruments is very low, they are therefore suitable for connection to shunts, speed sensors, thermocouples, measuring transducers and similar.

Function / Design
The moving-coil measuring instruments (240°) are equipped with a core magnet measuring system. The zero point adjustment is located centrally. The measuring instruments are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 60051 and the other applicable VDE and DIN regulations. The accuracy is 1.5% (size 48 accuracy 2.5%), based on the full scale value; instruments with accurarcy class 1.0 possible on request. The scale progression is linear. The instruments can be permanently overloaded by a factor of 1.2; Ammeters can be overloaded up to 50 times for a short time, Voltmeters up to 2 times. For the rest, DIN EN 60051 applies.

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