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Power factor meters

for alternating current


Power factor meters are used to measure the ratio between real and apparent power in alternating and three-phase systems of 50 Hz.

Function / Design
The power factor measuring devices are based on a core magnet moving-coil system with corresponding evaluation electronics. The devices are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 60 051 and other applicable VDE and DIN regulations. The accuracy is 2.5% related to the scale length. The internal consumption is approx. 0.6 VA in the current path and approx. 2 VA in the voltage path. The auxiliary voltage for supplying the electronics is obtained from the measuring voltage. The voltage range is +/- 20% of the nominal voltage, the current range is 20% to 120% of the nominal current. If these values are exceeded, display errors that are greater than the class accuracy must be expected. Currents < 5% of the nominal value result in an uncontrolled display. The inputs can be permanently overloaded by a factor of 1.2 and the current path up to a factor of 20 for a short time. DIN EN 60 051 also applies. The electrical connection is made using terminal screws with a maximum of 4 mm². Downloads
PDF-product description
PDF-Special designs and accessories


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