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Frequency meters

Vibrating reed frequency meters

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Vibrating reed frequency measuring devices are used to measure the mains frequency in the specified frequency ranges with the corresponding nominal voltage. Only a selected partial area is preferably used as the measuring area.
The vibrating reed double frequency meters, with two rows of reeds, can be used to synchronize two networks.

Function / Design
The vibrating reed frequency measuring devices are equipped with one or two vibration measuring mechanisms, in which a comb with springy reeds is attached to an electromagnet. If the frequency of the applied voltage corresponds to the resonant frequency of a tongue of the vibration measuring mechanism, then this tongue begins to oscillate. The deflection of the tongues is proportional to the square of the applied voltage. The frequency measuring devices are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 60051 and the other applicable VDE and DIN regulations. The accuracy is 1.5%, related to the full scale value. The devices can be permanently overloaded by a factor of 1.2. For the rest, DIN EN 60051 applies.

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