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Frequency meters
Double pointer frequency meters with diagonal gauges


Double pointer frequency meters are used to measure 2 mains frequencies in the specified frequency ranges with the corresponding nominal voltage. Only a selected partial area is preferably used as the measuring area. The devices are used for synchronization. The built-in moving iron measuring mechanisms determine the effective value of the alternating voltage; they are suitable both for firect connection up to 500 A and for the connection of voltage transformers.

Function / Design
The moving iron movements are robust with spring-loaded bearings.
The moving iron measuring devices are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 60051 and the other applicable VDE and DIN regulations. The accuracy is 1.5% based on the full scale value and starts at approx. 10% (with voltmeters at approx. 20%) of the full scale value. The devices can be permanently overloaded by a factor of 1.2; ammeters arebriefly overloadable up to 50 times; voltage meter up to 2x. For the rest, DIN EN 60051 applies.

PDF-product description
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