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Analogue panel meters for all-round precise control

Switch position indicators for reporting the switching status are used in electrical systems. Various versions of analoguedevices as well as in LED version meets most of the customers application.


Switch position indicators analogue for 24 - 230V AC or DC with cross symbol


Switch position indicators analogue for 24-60 and 90-240V AC+DC with cross symbol or break contact symbol


Switch position indicators LED version for 24+60 or 48+125 or 110+220/230V AC+DC


Switch position indicators LED version SUS-series

Waste-water engineering to wind turbines

The display devices of sizes 96 x 96 mm and 144 x 144 mm can also be supplied with switching contacts as limit value transmitters for the monitoring over the entire scale range of settable limits for all electrically measurable quantities. The limits can be set on the front of the equipment. The corresponding high quality production of Müller + Ziegler goes without saying.

Special variants for individual needs

Besides the standard range of analogue meters, we offer a broad spectrum of customised and special versions of the analogue panel meter. They can be produced without difficulty to suit your individual needs.  In keeping with our ambition to find an innovative solution for every demand, we also produce complex special devices and measuring instruments quickly and flexibly at our factory in Gunzenhausen.

The range of panel meters from Müller + Ziegler is rounded off with fault indicators, operating hours meters and phase-sequence indicators. Further information and specifications can be found in our data sheet.

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