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SM8 / SM16

Fault annunciators
96 x 96


Fault annunciators 96 x 96

Phase sequence indicators are used for determining and monitoring the rotating field (phase sequence) in electrical systems.

The fault annunciatiors use 8 (SM8) or 16 (SM16) two-color LEDs as a display. The LEDs may light up green or red. During the function test, the LEDs light up orange. The LEDs are controlled via connection terminals on the rear of the instrument. The control can take place with direct or alternating voltage, depending on the version. The scale can be easily removed and labeled through an opening on the side. The scale can also be labeled in the manufacturer’s plant. An auxiliary voltage is always required for the collective alarm option. In the case of a collective alarm with storage, the reset button must be pressed to cancel the alarm and reset the alarm relay; without saving, the alarm is triggered by resetting the LEDs to green.

PDF-product description
PDF-operating manual


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