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Limit controllers
for direct current

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Limit controllers for direct current

Limit controllers monitor one or two limit values to be set over the entire scale range. They can be used for all electrical measurable quantities.

Limit controllers measuring instruments are manufactured according to EN 60 051 as well as according to the other relevant VDE and EN regulations. The accuracy amounts to 1,5 % referred to the full scale. The following variables may be measured direct current, direct voltage, alternating current, alternating voltage and in connection with a measuring transducer frequency, power, power factor, temperature and all other transformed nonelectrical quantities. The sampling of the position of the measuring element pointer is done via a noncontact infrared reflected photo sensor. A maximum of two limit values may be monitored. In case of the standard type, the relays are energized and are deenergized if the max-contact mark is exceeded or the limit value drops below the min-contact mark (closed-circuit principle). Electronics, relays and auxiliary voltage are installed in the housing, the maximum mounting depth of the device is 68 mm. The connection is made via a 12-pin terminal block for cross sections up to 4 mm2. The connection is back of hand proof and is realized using M4 screws (max. 6 mm2) for voltmeters and for ammeters up to 15 A or M5 screws (min. 2,5 mm² – max. 16 mm²) for ammeters to 60 A.

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