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Frequency meters
Pointer frequency meters


Frequency meters Pointer frequency meters

Frequency meters serve for measuring the mains frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz, or 400 Hz. As measuring range just a selected partial range is used preferably.

Frequency-meters are manufactured according to EN 60 051 as well as according to the other relevant VDE and EN regulations. The accuracy amounts to 0,5 % (0,2 %) referred to the full scale. Vibration reed meters have a vibration reed measuring system which images the measured value on the resonance vibrating steel reeds. When pointer frequency meter rate monitors the measured value is indicated on a moving coil system. The frequency is detected by a microcontroller and evaluated. The measurement is independent of the curve shape. Pointer frequency meters and full ranges of up to 10 kHz are possible, but also a separate power supply is required. The connection is back of hand proof and is realized using M4 screws (max. 6 mm2).

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