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DNW 100, DNW 400, DNW 500, DNW 690

Three-phase mains monitor


Three-phase mains monitor

The three-phase mains monitor DNW is used for the comprehensive monitoring of a three-wire or four-wire power supply for phase failure, interruption of neutral, violation of the 3 phase voltages (above/below max/min value), asymmetry of the 3 phase voltages and the phase sequence (rotating field).

The three-phase mains monitor continuously checks the voltage values of the 3 phases for violation of the set limit values, phase sequence, asymmetry as well as a complete phase failure or interruption of the neutral. If one of these errors occurs, the output relay is deenergized after a selectable delay time; if, however, one of the supply phases L2 or L3 fails completely, the relay is switched off immediately. As soon as all values have returned in the correct range, the output relay is energized without delay. The switching state of the output relay as well as the kind of the error that has occurred are indicated via LEDs. The supply is taken from the measuring voltage, an auxiliary voltage is not required.

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