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Power factor meters
electronic, for alternating and three-phase current


Power factor meters electronic, for alternating and three-phase current

Power factor meters are used for measuring the power factor from active and apparent power in case of alternating current and three phase power system.

Power meters are manufactured according to EN 60 051 as well as according to the other relevant VDE and EN regulations. The display is indicated by a moving coil system. The accuracy amounts to 1,5 % referred to the full scale. The parameters to be measured are transmitted to the zero crossing comparator via internal current transformers and voltage dividers. This square wave signal is displayed by a level of integration as the mean of a direct voltage. The auxiliary voltage for the supply of the electronics is gained from the measuring voltage. The voltage range amounts to +/- 20 % of the rated voltage, the current range to 20-120 % of the rated current. Exceeding these values may cause indication errors which are larger than the accuracy rating. Currents < 5 % of the rated value result in an uncontrolled indication. The electrical connection is done using a terminal block for cross sections up to 4 mm2.

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